2021 Virtual Recognition

Thank You

2020 has been a year full of unprecedented challenges, making the work of the Ombudsman even more vital. We celebrate our valued sponsors and volunteers for their passion, dedication and support.

Virtual Awards Video

Host & Special Guests
2021 Virtual Recognition

Bernie Mellott
Executive Director, OSSMC

,Vic Lee
Master of Ceremonies

Board Member, Veteran Reporter ABC7

David J. Canepa

Distinguished Service Award Recipient

President, San Mateo County
Board of Supervisors
Early Birds

Volunteer of the Year

Diane Leeds

Diane has been an Ombudsman with San Mateo County since December 2017 and prior to Covid-19 was responsible for visiting residents at four different residential care facilities.  She previously spent 5 years helping seniors and others prepare and submit their taxes as part of the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program.  
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Guiding Force Award
Presented to the Ombudsman Staff

Victoria Cormack

Regional Supervisor, OSSMC Inc

Betty Frayman-Kori

Regional Supervisor, OSSMC Inc

Nicki Manske

Regional Supervisor OSSMC Inc

Kirsten Irgens-Moller

Program Manager, OSSMC Inc

Milestones In Service

Congratulations staff and and volunteers
for these important milestones!

Milestones of Service

  • William Andrejko
  • Alicia Ferrer
  • Susan Javier
  • Pattie Murphy-Kracht

Milestones in Service

  • Carol Farrell
  • Catherine Kearney

Milestones in Service

  • Ann Dreyfuss
    10 yrs
  • Diane Robertson
    15 yrs
  • Bill Rodenspiel
    15 yrs

Certified &


Thank you volunteers for your dedication
To our residents!

Certified Volunteers
William Andrejko (1 year)
Tom Barrett
Gail Cameron
Ann Dreyfus (10 years)
Adele Dunnigan
Carol Farrell (5 years)
Alicia Ferrer (1 year)
Michele Fraumeni
Mary Ann Gage
Randy Hooper
Susan Javier (1 year)
Jay Katz
Kathryn Kearney (5 years)
Gretta Keegan
Leslie Krauss
Diane Leeds
John Lyle
Pamela Martin
Karen Morical
Pattie Murphy-Kracht (1 year)
Louise Nelson
Diana Paradise
Diane Robertson (15 years)
Dave Shaw
Isaac Stevenson
Thom Taylor
Arthur Wolf
Mark Zuckerman 

Susan Kibre
Judy Pamnini
Ellen Tafeen
special thanks to
Our Sponsors

The Steve Young Foundation

Check out what Hall of Fame NFL Legend, Steve Young has to say about the Ombudsman of San Mateo County

Volunteer Stories

Ombudsman staff and volunteers get to experience a deep human connection with the residents
by learning who they are and their history. Here are some heartwarming stories:
Golden Ties

Story #1

The Dreamer

Story #2

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